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The Calvert Journal

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The Calvert Journal

The Calvert Journal is a guide to the contemporary culture of the new east: the post-Soviet world, the Balkans and the former socialist states of central and eastern Europe. From art and film to architecture and design, avant-garde culture from these countries has helped shape our view of modern life. But it remains an underreported and unfamiliar part of the world to many. Today, thanks to a rising generation of artistic talent, the new east is in the midst of tremendous change. This is the inspiration for The Calvert Journal, which covers the region’s culture and creativity through a mix of daily features, news, interviews and photography. Having launched in 2013 with a Russia-only focus, we are increasingly broadening our scope to include other countries, embracing the challenges involved in covering such a large and complex area. Based in London — and with content-sharing partnerships with international titles including The Guardian, Business Insider, Meduza and The Moscow Times — we tell the story of the new east’s contemporary culture via a network of writers and contributors stationed across its many regions and time zones. The Calvert Journal is a project of the Calvert 22 Foundation.

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