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Expolife Group

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Expolife Group

ExpoLife Expolife is an event organizer with an unique approach in the event industry. Instead of the traditional vertical approach of many exhibitions focusing on a sector, Expolife exhibitions are dedicated to a specific target audience. Each exhibition offers the visitors all the specific services and products they are looking for covering a wide range of sectors. This horizontal approach has enhanced the experience of our visitors and exhibitors. Our exhibitors Expolife team is dedicated to understand and exceed the needs of every exhibitor. Participating in a show is always a challenge which requires involvement from the exhibitor. Our team makes sure every participation is a success helping our exhibitors at every steps before, during and after the show. Our visitors Expolife team makes sure every visitor enjoys a very unique moment when they visit our event. We carefully select the best places to hold our exhibitions. We also make sure our visitors will find exhibitors meeting all theirs needs and organize specific activities to create more interactivity between our exhibitors and visitors.

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