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About COSINES Pi II ORIGINS. COSINES Pi II is an International Contest of Simultaneous Interpreters annually held in Moscow in the premises of Moscow University. The acronym COSINES is formed from the constituent letters of the contest title. The Contest was founded and organized by Professor of Moscow State University Marklen Konurbaev in April 2017 and is now set to happen every year as a regular meeting point for conference interpreters and oral interpreting experts throughout the whole of Russia. GRASSROOTS. Originally, the Contest saw itself as ‘Mind Olympics’ where budding and experienced interpreters could display their most surprising natural talents in meaning rendering and compete with their peers. The Jury included the pundits of the profession, many of whom served as personal interpreters to Presidents of the USSR, Russia, Bulgaria; CEOs of multinational companies and AIIC interpreters. The MARKET. On the very first year the Contest attracted the attention of the whole market, hosting participants from over 22 cities around the globe including New York, Paris, the Hague, Antalya and a number of big cities in Russia and the CIS. STRATEGY. In the coming years, COSINES Pi II will focus on developing a platform for endorsing interpreters’ professional reputation by providing services of independent expertise and managed account platform. The Platform could be further used by interpreters as a database of their personal achievements and as a service base for requesting to endorse their current reputation from the COSINES Board of Independent Experts. Conference interpreters will use this endorsement as another important document in their portfolio to prove their level and qualification. THE SHOW. The 2018 COSINES Pi is organized as a series of online battles between the contestants and the coaching sessions for the super-finalists who will be advised by the guru of the profession, accent coaches and psychologists helping the finalists to get the best our of their performance on the stage.

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